About us

The Katoflix is a Christian online movie theater that offers legal access to high quality films anywhere anytime. Having noticed great interest in films concerning faith, the meaning of life, lives of Saints and the like we decided to create a platform that allows access to these types of films.


The Katoflix is a space where you’ll find films carefully selected just for you. We look for films that will make you think, might inspire you toward making changes in your life or might simply make you smile. We offer films that you can without any hesitation watch with your children, recommend to friends or suggest to those facing a difficult time in their lives. Our dream for this website is to provide a space where through film people can open their hearts to God.


The mission of Katoflix is not limited to providing legal access to films no longer available at the theaters. It is equally important to us to search for films that have yet to be shown in Poland or are accessible only on DVD. We also wish to support Christian filmmakers by helping them promote and distribute their works.


While visiting the Katoflix:
you can be sure you’re legally accessing all the content without violating any laws
you are supporting production of Christian films
you are not wasting time surfing the internet in search of worthwhile films to watch.


If you are a filmmaker and would like us to show your work at the Katoflix please contact us
The Katoflix is owned by Studio Katolik ran by the Salvatorian Society.
To find out who has already entrusted us with presenting their films on the Katoflix see:

The list of filmmakers and distributors